I read The Invisible Landscape (1993 edition) a couple years ago, hoping to get insight into this mysterious and elusive Timewave Zero concept I had heard about while exploring McKenna material online.  It wasn’t exactly light reading (much of the biological and DNA discussion zoomed miles over my head), and it took awhile to get to the content I was looking for, but those last few chapters were illuminating.

I felt I got the gist of the mechanics of the Timewave’s derivation from the I Ching, and spent a little time messing around with the first steps (plotting the “First-Order Differences” to draw the “Simple Wave”).  However, I hit a little snag at one point of the derivation, after which I decided to switch focus to start building software to actually graph the Timewave.  I was grateful to have found John Phelps’ public domain implementation of the fractal transform algorithm, which I translated into Javascript and proceeded to build a web-based graphical user interface around.

Like with many of my projects, I reached a certain point and ran out of steam, set it aside and let it gather dust on my hard drive.  Earlier this year, I decided it’s time to pick it back up after seeing a video by Alan Abadessa-Green, the end of which he mentions Timewave Zero.

So here we are!  I got the software to a state of functionality I was willing to share, deployed it and created this site and a video to go with it, and posted a message to reddit to invite folks to come check it out.  My plan after that was to follow up by creating some documentation, but wouldn’t you know it, I got sucked back into the theoretical stuff.

You see, the technical description at the end of the Invisible Landscape left me believing I had grasped the basics of the derivation of the 384-integer numberset that serves as the basis for the timewave graph.  (I never needed to know the details of that derivation in order to build the Timewave Explorer software; for that I could just plop in the already-derived numbers.)  I figured that eventually I’d sit down with a pen an paper, study the relevant chapters a little more carefully, and would be able figure it out in an hour or two.

Yowzer was I wrong about that.  It turns out that the Invisible Landscape doesn’t provide enough information to derive the numberset!  I went digging online and found technical information to be very sparse.  However, I was determined to crack the nut, and I am happy to say I’ve powered through it and have successfully derived the Kelley and Watkins numbersets, and now have a solid understanding.

My plan moving forward is this: to document these technical details in a comprehensive and intelligible fashion by creating a series of videos and articles.  I will walk the viewer step-by-step starting with the I Ching all the way to the timewave, with careful attention to the intuition of each step – articulating both the how and the why.  All spreadsheets, data, documents, sourcecode, etc. will be available alongside the explanations, so anyone will be able to go in and review every detail.  That way the next person who comes along with my level of curiosity doesn’t have to spend quite so much time and energy pulling it all together!


Stay tuned!